Absorbing Science

Jameson: Absorbing Science

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Absorbing Science

Step right up folks because today Jameson is going to take you on an adventure into the wacky world of absorption. If you spill water and clean it up with paper towel you can see the water disappearing into the paper.  This is called absorption – the paper is absorbing the water.  Well, here Jameson presents a couple of really cool absorption experiments that you can do safety and home!


Step 1

Here is what you will need for these great absorption experiments:

Some water, a clear plastic container with low sides, some coloured pens, some food dye, some plastic cups and some paper towels.  Thicker paper towels work better.


Step 2

Let’s get started. Tear of a paper towel and make some dots, using the coloured pens in a line about 2 fingers from the bottom of the sheet.  Fold the top of the paper towel over the container so the dots are inside the container but not resting on the bottom. Slowly pour some water in until it is just over the bottom of the bottom of the paper towel.


Step 3

Watch carefully. The water slowly makes its way up the paper towel towards the dots.  Watch what happens when the water reaches the dots…the colour in the dots starts rising!  This is because the towel is absorbing the water and taking the ink with it…how cool is that! Eventually the water will make its way through the entire sheet.


Step 4

Let’s do another experiment…fill one cup with water and stir in some food dye, any colour you like although I have done blue. Roll up a paper towel and place one end in the cup with water and the other in the empty cup beside it.




Step 5

Watch as the blue water travels up the paper towel and makes its way into the empty cup…eventually both cups will have the same amount of blue water…totally amazing!



Step 6

Ok let’s go wild and fill 2 cups with water, add blue dye to one cup and yellow dye to the other.  Put an empty cup in between them.  Roll 2 paper towels. Place the end of one towel into the blue dye and one end of the other towel in the yellow dye.  Bend both the towels and put the loose ends into the empty cup and watch the magic happen.  As the coloured water is absorbed in the towel it makes its way up and then into the empty cup.  The blue and yellow food dyes combine making green water.  How amazing is that! Like our experiments science is absorbing and I give it 10 out of 10!