Science Magic

Jameson: Science Magic

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Science Magic

Magic is amazing but many things that people call magic can infact be explained by science.  Today Jameson shows us two magic tricks that are super cool and based on science.


Step 1

Here is what you will need for my 2 tricks:

A dark bottle with a long thick neck and some coloured tape. Some thick rope (that can be inserted into the bottle) some aluminium foil, a boiled egg plus a plastic glass of water, a paper toilet paper roll and a small round tray.

Let’s get into it. Cover your bottle with tape so you can’t see inside it.  Get a grown up to cut a piece of rope so it is twice as long as the bottle.  Tear off a piece of aluminium foil about as bit as your palm and roll it into a ball, then without anyone seeing, drop the ball inside the bottle.


Step 2

Put one end of the rope inside the bottle, turn it upside down and slowly pull on the rope.  Carefully turn the bottle upright and hold the rope…and presto.  The bottle should hang from the rope, like magic!



Step 4

Now for the 2nd trick, I mean science experiment. Carefully, put the tray on top of your plastic water glass and then the toilet roll on the tray, over the glass.  Rest the egg on top of the roll.



Step 5

Quickly wack the tray on the side with your hand.



Step 6

And presto…the egg falls in the cup!  Magic or science? It’s science. The energy from my hand transfers to the tray which flies off taking the toilet roll with it.  Thanks to gravity the egg drops straight down and into the glass. Magic is awesome especially when it’s scientific and I give these tricks 10 out of 10!