Hopscotch on the Hop

Christian: Hopscotch on the Hop

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Hopscotch on the Hop

Christian doesn’t like the fact that every time it rains or gets dark he can’t play hopscotch so today he decides to make his own portable hopscotch mat.  He shows how you can make any design you like on this mat and after you have finished playing you simply roll it up and take it away with you until your next game. Brilliant.


Step 1

To make Hopscotch On the Hop here’s what you are going to need:

A long piece of coloured vinyl and some things to decorate it with like…

permanent markers, glitter, stickers, paints/brushes a carry case (an old postage tube will do) and balloon balls or little beanbags to use as markers to be tossed.


Step 2

OK let’s go outside where we have lots of space to design.  Lay the vinyl out on the ground and draw hopscotch squares or any shape you want that your feet will fit in, squares, monster feet, whatever you like.

Write numbers in the squares.  Write 1 in the first square and HOME in the top square.


Step 3

Now you can use any decorations you want to make it look great and when it is dry it’s time to play.



Step 4

Once you finish playing you can roll up your mat and take it anywhere you want, that’s why I call it Hopscotch on the Hop!

Hours of fun, what a blast…until next tim.